NZ's International Games Festival (Co-Director/Producer)

Play by Play, NZ's international games festival, is an event that has run annually since 2016 and was founded by Robert Curry, Peter Curry and myself (the current sitting directors). The festival exists to celebrate and promote gaming without barriers; to support the grassroots ANZ development scene; and to educate around the benefits of creative technology & gaming. The event has grown over 300% in attendance since its inception, which clearly demonstrates the need for Play by Play's esoteric, constructive space.


Game Jam (Founder)

Asylum Jam is a game jam that has been running annually for five years, specifically tasking game developers to craft horror games without harmful or negative mental health stereotypes. Hundreds of games have been made for the jams over the years, and the jam has ended up getting coverage & spreading awareness on outlets like The Guardian, Polygon & Wired. Games pictured here are Space Octopus Studio's Do You Copy?, Christoph Frey's Exposure, and RevoLab's Mirror Layers.

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