Level Designer (PikPok)

I came on to Into The Dead 2 to assist as a Level Designer, where I was responsible for creating levels for the Daily mode. The Daily mode levels needed to be designed in a way that highlighted a particular gun, perk and/or ammo in the rotation - for example, a daily involving piercing ammunition should be designed around by spawning multiple enemies in tight packs to give the player the opportunity to shoot through multiple targets (and give a strong sense of the gun & ammunition's abilities).


Among other weapons, I designed daily levels (including level dressing, spawn controls & balancing) for the assault rifle, sub-machine gun and shotgun.

dungeon, inc.

Supplemental Game Designer (PikPok)

About a year into Dungeon, Inc.'s live release, I came on board to overhaul the design of the PVP mode's rewards, tiers and matchmaking systems. These designs were implemented into the live build, including a new dynamic leaderboard generation algorithm and rebalancing of all tiers/rewards in the PVP system with the addition of a daily reward.

for rent

Game Designer (Starcolt)

For Rent is an accessible, free game designed to take the player on a journey through the eyes of a first year Otago University student trying to find accommodation fit for purpose. A combination of visual novel and hidden object game, For Rent educates the player on home health, common rental issues and ways to spot potential problems with a rental that they're viewing.


Game Designer (Starcolt)

Transform is a competitive magical girl transformation sequence card game, a concept in production which I am currently doing all the card art & game design for. Up to four players can compete in this fast-paced, card drafting mahou shoujo free-for-all - but there'll always be a transformation that's fancier than the rest.

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